Information for patients and physicians

Flow of data

Process of cancer registration

All physicians in hospitals and practices, dentists and pathologists have to send electronic or paper based notifications to the cancer registry. The cancer registry records all types of malignant neoplasms, their early stages and benign neoplasms of the central nervous system.

The clinical cancer registries collect the data on cancer cases in their region and check the data for completeness and plausibility. In cooperation with the physicians, analyses about the course of therapy and long-term results are performed for quality assurance.

The Trust Center replaces patients` names and addresses by encrypted pseudonyms.

The Registry Office stores medical data and pseudonyms. Statistical analyses are performed to watch the distribution of cancer sites, time trends and regional clusters. Periodic reports are published on the website or in booklets.

Every year the epidemiological data is sent to the Central Cancer Surveillance Programm at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, where the epidemiological data of all federal states are gathered and evaluated nationwide. The degree of completeness of cancer registration is estimated. The report "Cancer in Germany" (Krebs in Deutschland) is based on the data collected by the federal states.

Data flow chart (German only)


Patient information flyer

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Information flyer for patients in English

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The information flyer in Braille is available and can be ordered free of charge at Center for Early Cancer Detection and Cancer Registration.